Suicide in Schools Model

The SiS Model: A Case Management System

Assessment and intervention with a student who presents with suicidal thoughts and behaviors is perhaps one of the most common tasks of school personnel with regard to suicide. The Suicide in Schools (SiS) Model of suicide assessment and management takes you through all the applied steps to conduct ethical suicide risk screenings (universal or targeted), complete comprehensive suicide risk assessments (SRAs), and facilitate appropriate follow up and intervention.

The SiS Model outlines clear processes that will help schools and districts develop clear and consistent suicide prevention protocols and procedures. It was developed based upon extensive research and provides a tool for schools to ensure standardized practices across a school district. The SiS Model has been utilized nationally and internationally by schools and practitioners.

Comprehensive assessments in the SiS Model include intake information, parent and teacher interviews, observations, mental status exams, along with structured and semi-structured diagnostic interviews (including specific questions to ask). The SiS Model ensures notification to parents or guardians and utilizes a systems approach to document consultation with and referral to other school staff and administrators, families, and community agencies including hospitals or crisis centers.

The SiS Model also includes procedures and forms to monitor suicide risk over time, document treatment, and detail safety planning. Strategies for both home and school safety planning are identified and monitored to reinforce safety across environments. Finally, the SiS Model facilitates the integration of youth back to school after a suicide attempt or hospitalization with re-entry planning documents. Re-entry planning includes ensuring efficacy of interventions, monitoring strategies and supports in place, and revising plans when needed.

Many school procedures do not include all phases of suicide prevention programming and procedure development. The SiS Model has you covered with a comprehensive approach.

Dr. Terri Erbacher, Ph.D., Strategic Partner

PCG is delighted to partner with Dr. Terri Erbacher, Ph.D. Terri is a distinguished author, speaker, consultant, and go-to subject expert for media. She has also been a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania since 1999.

If you’re interested in training related to the SiS Model or suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention, learn more about Terri’s asynchronous online courses.

The SiS Model At A Glance

There are many benefits to moving your suicide prevention documents online. Some of the benefits of the SiS Model’s online case management system include:

  • Liability protection, as it ensures all steps are followed and guides the user to document all steps by entering data required to complete the SRA process, including parent communications, referrals, and follow-up
  • Fidelity of the SRA process throughout the district as each school utilizes the same forms consistently in every case
  • Easy access to online documents by school team members and administrators approved to view the information regardless of location
  • Organized system that keeps all forms in one place and easily allows schools to gather and graph data for reporting and ongoing analysis

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