National Threat Assessment Center

Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) Solution

BTAs are a proven method of early intervention that can help prevent acts of targeted violence in school environments. This practice is recommended by the FBI, U.S. Department of Education, and U.S. Secret Service.

Public Consulting Group’s (PCG’s) BTA solution manages threats to others and threats to self. It is integrated within our EDPlan™ case management platform that is used by over 3,600 school districts across the U.S. to securely manage supports to students with individual needs.

Our Solution

Our solution is adaptable and aligns with your school's BTA methodology and policy. We offer an out-of-the-box configuration that follows state and local guidelines for the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC)/Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS) school BTA model. We use an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary team approach to identify, evaluate, assess, and support students of concern who present a potential threat to themselves or others.

The NTAC/VA DCJS school BTA model is a system designed to help school administrators and staff identify and assess potential threats of violence in their schools. The model involves a team of professionals, including mental health experts, law enforcement officers, and school personnel, who work together to evaluate concerning behavior and determine the level of risk posed by a particular student or situation. The team uses a structured approach to collect and evaluate information about the person of concern, including their behavior, history, and potential risk factors. Based on this information, the team assesses the potential threat and develops an intervention plan to manage the situation.

The model emphasizes the importance of early identification and intervention and encourages ongoing communication and collaboration among team members to maximize the safety of all students and staff in the school. The goal is to prevent violence and other forms of harm by identifying and addressing warning signs and risk factors before they escalate into a dangerous situation.

Overall, the NTAC/VA DCJS school BTA model provides a proactive and comprehensive approach to school safety that prioritizes the well-being of all members of the school community.

PCG's Core Benefits

Graph: PCG's BTA Solution Core Benefits

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