Salem-Keizer Cascade Model

Studies have shown that there is a significant overlap between a threat to self and a threat to others. Seventy-eight percent of school shooters have a history of suicide attempts or ideation.

Salem-Keizer Cascade Student Threat Assessment Team (STAT) Process

Public Consulting Group (PCG) has launched enhancements to our robust behavioral threat assessment (BTA) solution that fully supports Level 1 site-based assessment and Level 2 community-based assessment protocols used in the Salem-Keizer Cascade Model for threat assessment.

We now provide a common intake form to initiate incident management that includes threat to others and threat to self. Users are guided through the process of collecting additional information, conducting interviews and record reviews, assessing the risk, and creating an ongoing supervision plan.

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Illustration: Salem-Keizer Cascade Behavioral Threat Assessment Process

Our Solution

PCG has consulted and worked closely with BTA expert John Van Dreal to extend the capabilities of our BTA system, so it now incorporates workflow details that fully support the Salem-Keizer Cascade Student Threat Assessment System.

The steps of our BTA system include:


Our BTA system assists a Level 1 site team with identifying and screening incidents that involve patterns of violence, implied threats toward others, self-harm, or concerning behaviors.


Further investigation by the Level 1 site team includes documenting interviews and collecting detailed information and records.


Level 1 site team makes an assessment and provides the necessary information for the designated administrator to refer the case to the Level 2 community-based team for further consultation.


Our BTA system assists with the collaboration of the interagency Level 2 community-based team that convenes regularly to provide further consultation, drive investigation and insight, and assess risk, supports, and interventions.

PCG's Core Benefits

Graph: PCG's BTA Solution Core Benefits

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