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Will Gordillo

Senior Associate / Education

Photo of Will Gordillo

Will Gordillo has worked for PCG since 2015, providing subject matter expertise, thought leadership, and consulting services in a variety of education practice initiatives that support the implementation of special education and behavioral threat assessment (BTA) policies, practices, and integrated solutions nationwide.

He is currently a senior associate on the school threat assessment team, providing project advisory for the implementation of integrated solutions that help K-12 schools assess threats to others, threats to self, sexual misconduct, and fire-setting incidents.

Prior to joining PCG, he oversaw the day-to-day operations, including special education, psychological services, behavioral and crisis management, and student support services (e.g., 504 and gifted education), for Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Palm Beach County School District in Florida.

Will’s extensive K-12 and PCG project work experiences allow him to support the integration of case management solutions that can help schools address threat management effectively with behavioral, mental health, school safety, and whole child well-being in mind.

Thought Leadership